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Is it over? Is it time to move on? You should take divorce as seriously as you did your marriage. You need aggressive and affordable legal representation.

Getting through the emotional and uncertain period of divorce raises questions about your future and the security of your family. Knowing expressly what to expect from the process, understanding your options and anticipating potential outcomes can ease the anxiety of divorce and empower you to make good decisions.

Divorce does not always lead to aggressive litigation. Families often benefit when couples find common ground through negotiation and cooperation. Dispute resolution techniques provide a method for resolving conflicts outside the hostile environment of a courtroom. We can help you reach your goals with the dissolution of your marriage

The Divorce Place answers questions about the divorce process, costs of divorce, child support obligations, child custody agreements, the division of marital property and rights to the marital home. We want you to be comfortable with the process and as prepared as possible during this difficult time.

The Divorce Place

The Divorce Place is the law office of Tim Conlon Esq  concentrating in divorce, custody, visitation and child support cases. In short, he is  dedicated and experienced in all aspects of the law that affect Maryland families. His mission is to help his clients to navigate the divorce process. His emphasis is on Divorce, Custody and Family Law Litigation.

Tim brings to his clients the peace of mind that only decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients can provide.  Tim works on a sliding scale and offer payment plans.

Tim is an extremely experienced, aggressive, yet affordable, advocate for our clients and their children.  Tim prides himself on having helped Frederick and Maryland families through the toughest times in their lives for nearly 20 years.

Tim’s staff is among the best, and most experienced in the business and recognized for their skills where it counts: In the courtroom. 

We are experienced professionals who work on cases like yours everyday.

There has never been a law firm like The Divorce Place. We work closely with professionals in related disciplines.  Those include mediation, private investigation and accounting.  Where necessary, we also work with professionals in the medical, mental health and drug and alcohol fields..

Tim’s best referrals are word of mouth (often because we represented against them). Tim has appeared in noteworthy cases covered by national and local media, as well as cases in your neighborhood.

Fees and discounts are available on a sliding scale. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted.

We CARE about the lives of our clients and their children!!